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What are the ways to store dry batteries


1. There are many places where dry batteries are used, such as toys, radios, flashlights, etc. For those that are not used frequently, the dry batteries can be taken out first, which can prevent the positive and negative poles of the dry battery from forming a cycle and reduce the power loss of the dry battery.

2. There is a chemical reaction inside the dry battery, and the temperature will affect the speed of running the battery. The higher the temperature, the faster the running speed of the dry battery, and the lower the temperature, the slower the running speed. Therefore, in daily life, remember to avoid putting dry batteries in direct sunlight. If necessary, you can put dry batteries in a plastic bag and put them in the refrigerator, which can slow down the running speed of dry batteries. But remember, do not let dry batteries come into direct contact with food, as this will have a bad effect on food.

3. Humidity is a factor that affects the running speed of dry batteries. The higher the humidity, the faster the running speed, and the lower the humidity, the slower the running speed. For the storage environment of dry batteries, the humidity should not exceed 65%. Excessive humidity will make the battery contacts rusty, making it impossible to use dry batteries. Remember, the dry battery must be placed in a dry place to avoid an environment with water, which will increase the humidity in the environment.

4. Dry batteries have positive and negative poles, and the current runs from one pole to the other, forming a cycle. In order to avoid the phenomenon of running out, you can interrupt this cycle, you can add a thin layer of candle oil on the negative electrode of the dry battery, which makes the positive and negative poles unable to communicate, and the electricity can not run out.