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Introduction of Alkaline Dry Battery


Alkaline batteries are also known as alkaline zinc-manganese batteries and alkaline-manganese batteries. They are the best-performing varieties in the zinc-manganese battery series. It is suitable for large discharge capacity and long-term use. The internal resistance of the battery is lower, so the current generated is larger than that of ordinary carbon batteries. Because this type of battery does not contain mercury, it can be disposed of with household garbage without deliberate recycling.

Alkaline batteries are successful high-capacity dry batteries, and they are also one of the batteries with a cost-performance ratio. Alkaline batteries use manganese dioxide as the positive electrode, zinc as the negative electrode, and potassium hydroxide as the electrolyte. Its characteristics are better than those of carbon batteries, and the electric capacity is large. The chemical formula is: Zn+MnO2+H2O→Mn(OH)2+ZnO.
Alkaline batteries adopt the opposite electrode structure of ordinary batteries in structure, which increases the relative area between the positive and negative electrodes, and replaces ammonium chloride and zinc chloride solutions with high-conductivity potassium hydroxide solution. The negative electrode zinc is also The change from flakes to granules increases the reaction area of the negative electrode. In addition, high-performance electrolytic manganese powder is used, so the electrical performance is greatly improved. Generally, alkaline batteries of the same type are the capacity and discharge time of ordinary batteries. 3-7 times higher than the low temperature performance. Alkaline batteries are more suitable for high-current continuous discharge and high working voltage applications, especially for cameras, flashlights, razors, electric toys, and CDs. Computer, high-power remote control, wireless mouse, keyboard, etc.

Many people in our country are not familiar with alkaline batteries, but they have begun to occupy the market at an astonishing speed. Its main advantage is the durable power, which is generally seven times that of ordinary batteries, and the initial recovery time is short, making it most suitable for camera flash. The output is stable and does not leak liquid, so some advanced electronic products such as BP machines, remote controls, electronic cameras, etc. stipulate that alkaline batteries must be used. There is also a little secret: alkaline batteries are generally marked with donot recharge (non-rechargeable), which is for safety reasons. In addition, alkaline batteries that are "depleted" can recover a certain amount of energy after being placed for a period of time, so intermittent use of alkaline batteries can have a longer working time. Alkaline batteries can be identified by seeing whether they are printed with the words ALKALINE or "alkaline batteries" in Chinese.

(1) Do not charge the battery, as this may cause the battery to leak or be dangerous.
(2) Pay attention to the battery polarity to prevent incorrect installation.
(3) Do not short-circuit, heat, put the battery into fire or try to disassemble it.

(4) Do not mix old and new batteries.