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Introduction of alkaline dry battery


Alkaline dry battery is a kind of long-life disposable battery, which is improved on the basis of common zinc manganese acid battery. Also known as alkaline manganese dry battery. The shape and size are the same as ordinary manganese batteries. Because of their improved performance, they are often used as flash power sources.
The negative electrode material of the alkaline dry battery is zinc, the positive electrode is manganese dioxide, the electrolyte is sodium hydroxide or potassium hydroxide solution, and the positive electrode material is carbon rod. In the middle of its structure is a positive electrode made of carbon rods, which is wrapped with a fiber material impregnated with sodium hydroxide or potassium hydroxide solution, and the outside is wrapped by manganese dioxide, and finally a zinc cylinder constitutes the negative electrode. The outer shell of the battery is made of inert metal or plastic and is connected to the positive electrode, and the negative electrode of the battery is connected to the bottom of the battery through a collector pin.
The battery expression is (-)Zn|NaOH|MnO2(C)(+)
Battery response
Anode reaction Zn+4OH--2e→ZnO22-+2H2O
Cathode reaction MnO2+H2O+e→MnO(OH)+OH-
Total reaction Zn+2MnO2+2OH-→ZnO22-+2MnO(OH)
The normal operating voltage of alkaline batteries is the same as that of common acid zinc-manganese batteries. Alkaline batteries have a long life, large capacity, low internal resistance, and will not leak after a long time like dry batteries, so they are the first choice for personal audio, cameras and other power sources.