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Introduction of dry battery model size and purpose


Batteries are commonly used products in our family. Various types of batteries have different uses. Today I will give you a detailed introduction to the size and purpose of No. 1, No. 2, No. 3, No. 4, No. 5, No. 6 and No. 7 batteries. I hope to help you. Correctly choose the battery you need.
1. No. 1 battery: also known as D-type battery (large battery/LR20/AM1), diameter ф34.2; height 61.5mm, widely used, D-type battery can be found for civilian, military, and special-type DC power supplies, standard D (Flat head) battery.
2. No. 2 battery: also known as Type C battery (No. 2 battery/LR14/AM2), diameter ф26.2; height 50.0mm, in the past, regular quartz wall clocks and metal movements used No. 2 batteries. Some analog multimeters also use AA batteries. There are also small flashlights, small radios, etc. Has now gradually withdrawn from the market.
3. No. 3 battery: The size is diameter: 25.8mm, height: 51mm. AAA battery is rarely used. A bit thicker than our ordinary AA battery. , Generally the battery core in the battery pack, which can be seen on power tools, cameras and imported equipment
4.  No. 4 battery: standard A (flat head) battery height 49.0±0.5mm, diameter 16.8±0.2mm, usually used as the battery core in the battery pack, nickel-cadmium, nickel-metal hydride batteries for old cameras.
5. No. 5 battery: also known as AA battery (No. 5 battery/LR6/AM3), diameter ф14.5; height 50.5mm, commonly used in digital cameras, electric toys, etc. AA batteries are well known to everyone, digital cameras, electric toys, AA batteries, standard AA (flat head) batteries.
6. No. 6 battery: Standard F (flat head) battery has a height of 89.0±0.5mm and a diameter of 32.3±0.2mm. It is generally used as a battery cell.
7. No. 7 battery: also known as AAA battery (No. 7 battery/LR03/AM4), diameter ф10.5; height 44.5mm, mostly used in remote control and other occasions with limited volume and low power consumption. The 7th battery is more common, and most of the previous MP3s used AAA batteries, that is, the 7th battery.