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The difference between alkaline batteries and ordinary dry batteries


The difference in shape: The alkaline battery can touch the ring -shaped slot at the end of the negative electrode. There are generally no slots on the cylindrical surface of the ordinary dry battery. This is due to the different sealing methods of the two.

There is a difference in weight: The same type of battery, alkaline battery is much heavier than ordinary dry batteries. For example, the weight of the No. 5 alkaline battery is about 24 grams, and the weight of the No. 5 ordinary dry battery is about 18 grams.

R represents a circular shape, and there is no letters in front of the letter. The previous labeled L is a alkaline battery. The two -digit number after R represents the size of the battery. For example, 03 represents the No. 7 battery, and the last letter represents the performance of the battery. Some of the normal batteries are labeled with S, and some are not.