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Battery has a Memory Effect


The battery has a memory effect. It is mainly to refer to the battery long-term incomplete charging, discharge, which is easy to cause the battery to only have such a large capacity, which will form a memory effect, thereby reducing the total battery, and which battery has a battery memory effect, Although the nickel-chromium battery has high-power discharge stability, the price is cheap, but the nickel-chromium battery is contaminated with the environment, and the human body is harmful, and there is a memory effect.
Battery memory effect principle, battery memory effect, means that if the battery is a nickel-cadmium battery, long-term is not completely charged, discharged, easy to leave traces in the battery, and reduce battery capacity. The battery memory effect means that the battery seems to remember the daily charge, discharge amplitude, and mode of the user, and it is difficult to change this mode for a long time, and can no longer make a large charge or discharge. This effect does not exist in lithium ion batteries.