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Alkaline batteries have you used?


Batteries are ubiquitous in our lives. They are always hidden in electrical appliances, so you can hardly feel their existence. But without batteries, it is absolutely impossible, as large as TVs, air conditioners, water heaters, water dispensers, etc. Computers, as small as mobile phones, controllers, microphones, massagers, baby hair clippers, door locks and some small medical instruments, the battery is their heart! In the past, when technology was underdeveloped, everyone used cheap and unusable carbon batteries, which often caused liquid leakage and damaged electrical appliances. After more than ten years of revolutionary progress, battery technology has developed to the fourth generation- ------In the age of alkaline batteries, you who are following the times, have you already used alkaline batteries?
Alkaline batteries, the positive electrode is electrolytic manganese dioxide, and the negative electrode is zinc powder. The distinction from the printed body of the battery surface is that the type label has the words LR and ALKALINE. Alkaline batteries are 4-7 times the capacity of carbon batteries, and the price is 1.5-2 times that of carbon batteries.

Alkaline batteries are suitable for large discharge capacity and long-term use. The internal resistance of the battery is lower, so the current generated is larger than that of the general zinc-manganese battery. The conductive is copper rod, and the outer shell is steel. It is safe and reliable and does not need to be recycled. For example, Changhong mercury-free alkaline battery. Based on its environmental protection and high current characteristics, but now alkaline batteries are used more. Alkaline batteries are especially suitable for high-current electrical appliances, such as digital cameras, toys, shavers, wireless mice, etc.

Since the outer casing of the carbon battery is a zinc cylinder as the negative electrode, it must participate in the chemical reaction of the battery, so it will definitely leak after a long time, and it will leak after a few months of poor quality. The outer casing of the alkaline battery is made of steel, and Does not participate in chemical reactions, so alkaline batteries rarely leak, and the shelf life is more than 5 years.