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Mixed use of batteries has many disadvantages


In modern life, batteries have been widely used in various electrical appliances and have become the power source of electrical appliances. Commonly used electronic devices such as remote controls and electric toys in daily life basically use disposable dry batteries, so dry batteries such as alkaline batteries and carbon batteries are also common in people's daily lives. However, there is not much difference in appearance between alkaline batteries such as AA and AA batteries and carbon batteries, and some users may mix them. Can these two batteries be mixed? The answer is of course no.
    Since alkaline batteries and carbon batteries have different positive electrodes, negative electrodes, and electrolytes, their operating voltages and power storage are different. Generally speaking, the capacity of alkaline batteries is five to six times that of carbon batteries, and the current is larger than that of carbon batteries. In fact, even if it is the same alkaline battery, or the same carbon battery, the old and new ones cannot be mixed.
    Alkaline batteries and carbon batteries are both disposable batteries and cannot be heated or charged, otherwise they may explode. If the appliance is not used for a long time, the battery should be taken out in time, and the power should be turned off after use, so as to prevent the battery from continuing to discharge and cause unfavorable chemical reactions in the battery to cause leakage.
In addition, when the new and old batteries are in parallel, the voltage of the new battery is higher, and the voltage of the old battery is lower. When mixed, the new battery will charge the old battery and consume the power of the new battery; in the series connection, the internal resistance of the old battery will change. The internal resistance of the new battery is low. When discharging, the new battery consumes power on the internal resistance of the old battery, and may even reverse charge the old battery.
    The reason why alkaline batteries and carbon batteries cannot be mixed is the same as the reason why old and new batteries cannot be mixed. All because the battery capacity, current and voltage are not used. If it is mixed forcibly, it will only cause excessive battery power consumption, shortened life span and even leakage.