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Is your method of using dry batteries correct?


Incidents of battery explosion in the remote control due to incorrect use of the battery have occurred from time to time, which makes everyone feel lingering, because the remote control is an indispensable electrical accessory in everyone's life. What are the reasons for these accidents?

1. Mixed use of two kinds of batteries. The remote control batteries of household appliances generally require two batteries. Mixed use of carbon batteries and alkaline batteries, or the use of new batteries and old batteries at the same time, may cause the battery to leak or burst, so the battery capacity and voltage platform are inconsistent.

2. The epidermis is damaged. The result of skin damage is that the positive and negative poles may be short-circuited, causing the current to increase. When a short-circuit occurs, the most likely consequence is heating, deformation, or even bursting. Not only the remote control battery, but also rechargeable batteries such as lithium batteries, similar situations can occur when they encounter a short circuit. 

3. Poor quality or counterfeit batteries. Poor quality and counterfeit batteries may have security loopholes in the selection of raw materials and manufacturing processes.
As long as the dry batteries on the market are exported by regular manufacturers, they are guaranteed to be safe, and even if the batteries are accidentally installed upside down, they will not easily explode. It seems that in addition to the battery problems due to the above three conditions, these accidents may also have a certain relationship with the quality of the remote control. In the long-term use process, the remote control's ability to judge the safety of the battery gradually loses. A good remote control will output a relatively large current even when the battery is short-circuited, but because the current of the dry battery is small, the instantaneous current is much smaller than that of the secondary battery. Therefore, the remote control battery should be used as far as possible to use disposable batteries. It is a dry battery.