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What are the benefits of using environmentally friendly batteries?


Why use environmentally friendly batteries?
The small waste battery makes every aspect of the brain troublesome. The old problems of difficulty in recycling and disposal have been plagued by all parties. In an interview with reporters yesterday, some persons in charge of the environmental protection department believed that the main reason for the pollution of traditional batteries to the environment is that they contain mercury. In this case, the shortcut at this stage is to promote the use of environmentally friendly batteries that do not contain mercury.

1. Environmentally friendly batteries are mercury-free batteries
What is an environmentally friendly battery? The reporter found in the investigation in the past few days that many citizens did not understand this. In fact, environmentally friendly batteries are mercury-free batteries. The national definition of mercury-free battery is that the mercury content in the battery is less than 0.0001% of the battery weight, and the meaning of low mercury means that the mercury content in the battery is less than 0.025% of the battery weight. As early as the year before last, nine ministries and commissions including the China National Light Industry Council have jointly issued a document stipulating that from January 1, 2001, all domestic and foreign battery products (including batteries matching electrical appliances) that enter the domestic market will be sold in the single All batteries must be marked with mercury content (the method for marking the mercury content of battery products has not yet been published in the national standard, and domestic environmental protection battery manufacturers have different labels, including low mercury, no mercury or zero mercury and zero mercury) , Batteries without mercury content are not allowed to enter the market. In this way, when we buy a battery, we only need to look at the mercury content of the battery to know if it is an environmentally friendly battery.

2. Environmentally friendly batteries can reduce environmental pressure
So why use environmentally friendly batteries? Secretary-General Wang of the China Battery Industry Association said in a telephone interview with reporters that in the production of traditional batteries, mercury is used as a corrosion inhibitor for batteries (batteries rely on chemical action, and generally speaking, they use corrosion to generate electricity) , The use of mercury can improve the discharge performance and storage performance of the battery, but if the waste battery is not handled properly, the mercury in it will penetrate into the soil and water and enter the cycle of nature, bringing pollution to the environment.

3. High cost performance of environmentally friendly batteries

In fact, for most consumers, while paying attention to environmental protection, they are more concerned about benefits.
Secretary General Wang of the China Battery Industry Association told reporters that environmentally friendly batteries are much more cost-effective than ordinary batteries. First of all, the environmentally friendly batteries currently produced in China are alkaline batteries, which contain 2-4 times that of ordinary batteries. Although the price is higher than that of ordinary batteries, it is still worthwhile to buy environmentally friendly batteries by comparison. More importantly, it is conducive to environmental protection. Even if it is accidentally abandoned in the wild, it will not pollute water and soil due to mercury leakage.

4. Mercury batteries will disappear in 4 years

As early as the mid-1990s, various national ministries and commissions actively planned for mercury-free and low-mercury batteries under the guidance of experts from all sides. Secretary-General Wang said: According to the actual situation, my country will first achieve low mercury and then gradually become mercury-free.