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What to pay attention to when buying dry batteries.


1. Choose the battery according to your needs. For example: used in flashlights, cameras, MP4, electric toys and other appliances that require large current output, it is best to use alkaline zinc manganese batteries (L). Use ordinary zinc-manganese batteries (S, C, P) for remote control, clocks and other appliances with general electricity demand.

2. Pay attention to the performance-price ratio of the battery and don't blindly believe in foreign brands. In fact, the performance-price ratio of many domestic brand-name batteries is higher than that of similar foreign products.

3. Pay attention to the storage period of the battery. The shelf life of ordinary zinc-manganese batteries is 2 years. When buying, you should choose new products. The difference between alkaline zinc manganese battery and ordinary zinc manganese battery Batteries are divided into alkaline and ordinary zinc manganese batteries in the eyes of ordinary people. In the past, people often felt that the battery life was not as ideal as imagined in daily use. This is the difference between alkaline zinc-manganese batteries and ordinary zinc-manganese batteries. In daily use, large-flow electric appliances such as flash, camera, MP4, and electric toys can best show the characteristics of alkaline batteries and ordinary zinc-manganese batteries.

Alkaline zinc-manganese batteries used the flash for 144 times, the camera film was 8 rolls, and the toy was activated for 183 minutes. These indexes are 6.86, 4.38, and 3.81 times better than ordinary zinc-manganese batteries in use during the same period, and the performance-price ratio is also 4.34, 2.78, and 2.41 times better. For consumers, alkaline zinc-manganese batteries can be used with reasonable confidence.